Gina Dilg

fiddle, dance

Gina Dilg is a passionate and dedicated musician and dancer with a deep love for preserving and sharing the rich traditions of old-time music. Her journey through the diverse landscape of American folk music and dance has taken her across the country, but it was in the rolling hills of Southwest Virginia that she truly found her musical and rhythmic home.

Gina’s musical roots run deep, nurtured by her parents’ dedication to the music in New Mexico. She grew up attending events like the Mt. Airy Fiddlers Convention in North Carolina and Clifftop in West Virginia, where her appreciation for the cultural tapestry woven by the melodies and rhythms of American folk music took root.

The Colorado years brought a new dimension to Gina’s musical journey when she met her husband, Jason Dilg, and invited him to her project Firing Line Stringband. Their shared passion for traditional string band music led them to Southwest Virginia in 2016, where they fully immersed themselves in the vibrant music scene, playing with the Earl White String Band, Joe Thrift & The Yeehaw Ramblers, and as their duo The Lovely Mountaineers. Gina also formed the high-energy string band The Mustard Cutters with Trish Fore, Ashlee Watkins and Brett Morris.

One of Gina’s defining moments was the discovery of flatfoot dance while living in this region. She was deeply inspired by the generations of dancers at the Floyd Country Store and honed her dance skills at the first Floyd Get Together camp organized by the Handmade Music School and taught by Becky Hill. Gina realized that flatfoot dance could be a powerful instrument for musical conversation, enhancing the energy and spirit of any jam or performance. She also found that percussive dance offered an incredible cardio workout—a welcome counterbalance to sitting for days at a fiddlers’ convention.

Gina has shared her love for dance and music by organizing numerous dance workshops in the area, earning recognition with ribbons at some of the most well-known conventions such as Galax, Clifftop String Band Festival, and Mt. Airy. What she loves most is sharing the sheer joy of dance with others, making old-time music accessible and engaging for people of all ages and abilities. Gina believes that old-time music is made for dancing, and she is passionate about giving her community as much joy through music and dance as possible.

Gina Dilg with Fiddle