Jamie Collins

The Handmade Music School is excited to welcome Jamie Collins to the Handmade Music School and Floyd Country Store team! Jamie will be joining the team in June of 2023 as Program Manager for the Handmade Music School. Jamie is from Bristol, Tennessee and comes from a musical family. Instilled with a deep love and appreciation for the local  traditions at a young age, Collins grew up attending festivals and fiddlers’ conventions, where she witnessed some of the best in old-time and bluegrass. Inspired by the musicians in her life, Collins would go on to pick up several instruments, including the guitar and upright bass.

In addition to the instruments that she plays, Collins is also a celebrated Appalachian singer, which has made her a sought after harmony singer on other artists’ projects. Her musical prowess has garnered her several prizes at fiddlers’ conventions throughout the region including the highly regarded Galax Fiddlers Convention.

Jamie is also a music teacher and will combine her passion for singing and playing old time and bluegrass music with her desire to pass along traditions to students. Jamie will make a great member of the Handmade Music School team aligning her personal vision with Handmade Music School’s mission to cultivate and strengthen community through experiences in the music and dance rooted in our Appalachian traditions!

About Jamie Collins

Born and raised encircled by the rich history of mountain music traditions of the Blue Ridge, Jamie Collins carries tradition forward with her own fresh take on bluegrass, old-time, and country music.

“My teaching philosophy is centered around the student. I believe that we as teachers have a responsibility to teach students how to build their self esteem and feel ready to enjoy their learning process. Through teaching music, I have the gift of teaching self confidence, self expression, team building, perseverance, and appreciation for the arts and cultural diversity. Music is a universal language that bridges gaps of diversity. Students and families can experience joy and make memories through cultural experiences that are provided through The Handmade Music School, and I am so thrilled to be a part of that!

Jamie teaches guitar, bass, and beginner to intermediate fiddle with The Handmade Music School. She has worked with children of all ages since graduating from East Tennessee State University in 2012; receiving a Bachelors Degree in Education, and a minor from the Bluegrass Old Time and Country Music Studies.

“I grew up in a musical family and my early memories include spending time with my family and enjoying music. I still very much enjoy that same experience, and through teaching I experience that with other families. Our rich culture here in the Appalachian mountains is something that I feel is worth celebrating and persevering for our future generations.”