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Support Handmade Music School through our GiveLocal NRV fundraising campaign. Your money will help fund our Share the Music Scholarship program, as well as the Music of Our Mountains project. Our goal for this year’s fundraiser is $5000. We thank you for your donations!

Share the Music Scholarships

The Handmade Music School makes its home at the world famous Floyd Country Store and draws from the rich local traditions to connect students with master musicians and dancers. Similar to the Floyd Country Store’s “Pay It Forward” program that helps cover meal costs for those in need, the Handmade Music School has created “Share The Music”, a program that provides access to traditional music lessons, classes, workshops, and camps through a scholarship program. Learn more

Music of Our Mountains

Music of our Mountains is a living-document that chronicles the exchange of musical culture and ideas throughout Appalachia and beyond. This project honors the existing work of scholars, musicians and folklorists — while opening gateways for new discussion regarding the rich origins and current context of Appalachian identity. Here, oral histories and conjecture are presented alongside established perspectives. Learn more