Here’s a song/tune in waltz time in honor of Mother’s Day which will be this coming Sunday. I still don’t know who wrote it but the group here performing “Sit Down and Write” is the Laurel Fork Travelers.

Laurel Fork is in neighboring Carroll County, the best county in Virginia for many authentic sources of ‘real’ mountain music.

I remember as a kid my mother pinning a red rose to my lapel on my Sunday coat before we went to church on Mother’s day.  Red meaning your mother was living and white rose meaning your mother was not living. 

Arnold Spangler the fiddler and lead singer says “de-lected” instead of “neglected.” The word “neglected” probably wasn’t in his vocabulary. It’s barely in mine.

Melvin Felts plays an interesting two finger style of banjo in waltz time. He also sings bass. I saw him and his wife Dee recently. Dee was the bass player. I’m not sure who is on guitar. This recording is from the 1990’s

Arnold’s sister, Clara, is Vickie Boyd’s mother. She sings the highest vocal part.  She is also the grandmother to banjo player, Jared Boyd.  

Sit Down and Write by the Laurel Fork Travelers

From Andy Buckman

Great pick, Mac! Arnold’s formal vocabulary was somewhat limited, but he had a huge heart in him, and his sincerity was and is still evident in his singing and fiddling. He was as “real” as they come.

Thanks to Arnold and Mac for reminding us to “sit down and write” to our mothers this Mother’s Day.