Shooting Creek

This week’s tune is Shootin Creek. I have a version of this Franklin/Floyd County tune that is played by Peg Hatcher of Franklin County. His great-grandson is Chris Prillaman of Dry Hill Dragger fame who played at the Floyd Country Store last Friday Nite (2/2/18) in a different group, the Still Hollow Ramblers. Chris and his wife traveled to Floyd by way of Shooting Creek road. He was actually playing the same fiddle for the flat footers as heard in this clip.

I am not sure exactly when this clip was recorded, but it was long before the 2nd clip from the early 70’s LP on Rounder called “Old Originals Vol 1” featuring Sam Conner of Copper Hill (in Floyd County) on solo fiddle. He is followed in the same track with a clawhammer banjo version by ‘local’ player Dent Wimmer of the Check area of Floyd County.

Someone else please share the banjo version by Charlie Woods of nearby Franklin County and/or the fiddle w/ guitar version by Oscar Wright of Princeton, West Virginia.

I think Henry Reed played a fiddle version as well and may have taught it to Oscar Wright as they lived in the same general area. Henry’s family roots are in Floyd County but he lived in the area of Virginia closer to Princeton near the West Virginia line. Maybe some of his Floyd County kin taught it to him.

Dig it!


Shootin Creek by Peg Hatcher of Franklin County
Shootin Creek by Sam Connor and Dent Wimmer from Old Originals Vol 1.
Franklin County

Reply from Kerry Blech

“Shootin’ Creek”, fiddled by James W. “Peg” Hatcher was recorded by Herbert Halpert in Ferrum, Virginia on March 19, 1939 for the Library of Congress as AFS 2740 A2.

Great tune!

Reply from Andy Buckman

Hi folks, Here is some additional background info on Shooting Creek. See:

Here is a cut of the Original Orchardgrass String Band (from Franklin County) talking about and playing Shooting Creek. It is from the Blue Ridge Institute recordings.

There are lots of folks here in Franklin County who remember Peg Hatcher and his fiddling. I have taught and I worked with several of his kin, all of whom appreciate his legacy.

Shootin Creek by Original Orchardgrass String Band

Reply from Mark Wallace

Here’s the Charlie Woods version that Mac asked someone to share, it is on the “Far In The Mountains” compilation CD along with the tune Cripple Creek.

Cripple Creek and Shootin Creek by Charlie Woods

Reply from Mark Bostock

Great tune, Mac.

Here is Oscar Wright’s fiddle version of Shootin’ Creek that you requested.

…or it may be Henry Reed’s version. I’m not 100% sure. Maybe someone can identify if it’s HR or OW? I guess either way their versions are probably similar.

Shootin Creek by Oscar Wright

Reply from Mark Campbell

Henry Reed’s Shooting Creek is very different according to Alan Jabbour’s LOC website.

Reply from Mark Bostock

Hi Mark,
I hear what you mean. They’re pretty distinct and different versions of Shootin’ Creek.
That makes it more likely that the MP3 I shared is Oscar Wright’s playing as I first thought. I must sort my tune files out!
I love how these tunes are interpreted differently from hand to hand.