Well, things sure have gotten worse in our cities and it’s so sad. Jenny and I moved to the rural area way back feeling like we shouldn’t live in such close proximity to so many people. We were drawn to rural life and willing to do the extra work and bear some inconvenience to avoid dependency on so many systems. Today I checked out of reality as I worked on my farm on a patch of ‘new ground’ still aware of the news in the world. However, I was listening to some tunes by Galax old fiddler Luther Davis on the Galax Way LP, on which he tells stories and plays his fiddle at the age of 95 back in the early 1980s. He learned tunes in an older style from fiddlers in the area back when he was a teenager. He helped start the Galax Fiddlers convention in the 1930s. He told me of the changes that he witnessed in the music since the 1930s and complained about how it had gotten too fast. He didn’t think much of the bluegrass style of music and said it sounded all the same to him. I went to visit him a few times but never actually played any music with him. I was in my 30’s back then. 

Luther Davis

While I’ve seen many changes I hope that some positive ones come, the sooner the better in how people of color are treated. I am glad that Luther Davis’ generation doesn’t have to experience our crazy world now.  

I felt like this tune and its title seemed appropriate for this week.  

Rocking in a Weary Land by Luther Davis accompanied by Alice Gerrard and Andy Cahan in the early 1980s near Galax, Virginia