Our featured tune here is Old Cottoneyed Joe. This a cover of the ‘local’ Norman Edmonds version with improved guitar back-up. Its played on fiddle in cross-tuned G (GDGD). Banjo is in standard gDGBD. Two guitars. No bass. 

The player is Harold Hausenfluck whose one man band rendition from the 1990’s  is pretty killer in my opinion. This a good example of the back-up making or breaking the appeal of a tune.

I’m also including the source recording. It would be easy to bypass unless like Harold Hausenfluck you really wanted to  dig out that tune. Poor fidelity really and bad balance take its toll in this one. Thanks to Howard and his super sensitive hearing plus excellent musicianship for rescuing this one. 


Old Cottoneyed Joe by Harold Hausenfluck
Old Cottoneyed Joe by Norman Edmonds