This version is most unique to the Blue Ridge area of Patrick County as far as I can tell. This beautiful tune is from the Shelor Family’s recordings.  Does anyone know who recorded them and when? Clay?

If anyone has a similar tune with a different name to share then please do so. I will send out the Uncle Norm Edmonds version of Callahan in a future post since it is NOT the same tune.  

So ‘Callahan’ here is played here by Susan Shelor Deck (piano) and Jesse Shelor (on fiddle).


Callahan by Susan Shelor Deck (piano) and Jesse Shelor (on fiddle)

Response from Clay Shelor

Hi Mac,

I just consulted my first cousin Susan Shelor Deck. That is her on piano, James Shelor on guitar (my father) and Jesse Shelor on fiddle (my grandfather).

The notes from this site say Pete Hartman recorded this in 1978 and it would have been at my grandparents’ home in Meadows of Dan, VA:

Response from Mac

Now that you mention it I can hear some guitar runs in there. I should have read the FRC liner notes of the CD they put out of your family’s music better.

That’s a nice photo of Jesse and Clarice on the porch. Did Clarice play a banjo or did Pete harman just pose her with it? No bridge and no strings, but who cares, huh. She successfully passed her skill on piano on to your cousin Susan apparently.

I will attach the clip of the tune played by Bill as a fiddle solo sent to me from Kerry Blech that he says was made by Tom Carter in 1974. I had not heard that before.

Callahan by Bill Shelor