This week’s tune is a revisit to “Angeline the Baker.” Thanks to Molly Stouten for helping me hunt this down.

Here is a link to the song version that I heard many years ago on a WPAQ Saturday afternoon broadcast called the Blue Ridge Spotlight. I could tell then it wasn’t the tune that most people called Angeline the Baker.

Uncle Norman Edmonds fiddle version is closer to the song melody. This our most “local” version in my opinion. It’s one of those tunes from the time before guitars became a fixture in the music ie: older time mountain music.

The popular tune today called “Angeline the Baker” is rarely sung and sounds a lot closer to one called “Somebody Stole My Own Coon Dog.”

Check out the comments of the Shelor Family in regards to the name of their tune called Coon Dog.

So anymore I refer to the D tune when I hear it as “Angeline’s Coon Dog.” It seems more obvious for a chord change in the modern version.

Angeline the Baker by Norm Edmonds
Coon Dog by The Shelor Family