Old Time Fiddle with Henry Barnes

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The Handmade Music School presents Old Time Fiddle with Henry Barnes on Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 3:00 EDT. The workshop will be presented via Crowdcast as part of our Handmade at Home online series. Cost is $1 to $100 (suggested donation of $15).

In this workshop we will be learning the tune Molly Bloom, which I learned from Bobby Taylor of St. Albans, WV. It’s mostly basic shuffle techniques with some neat long slurs that break up the shuffles and accent the melody. I will also describe my thoughts on timing and techniques that I believe help fiddlers get the rhythm and overall sound they want in their music. The workshop will be supplemented by a folder of videos breaking down the parts and critical points in the tune, recordings of the tune, and an extra lesson folder.

Henry Barnes is from Washington Court House, Ohio and began learning to play the fiddle from his father at the age of four. Many years since have been spent learning from Bobby Taylor, John Morris, and Roger Cooper. Inspired by the multi-cultural influences of the OH-WV-KY tri-state and musical mysteries of the past. Henry works to try and figure out why the old music sounds different from the new so that the aspects he loves about it may continue to exist in the context of modern folk music. Henry is recognized as a Master of Traditional Arts in the State of Ohio and has won contests including the Appalachian Stringband Contest at Clifftop, WV, the West Virginia State Folk Festival at Glennville, WV, and the Ed Haley Memorial Contest.

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