Handing Down Banjo Traditions with Mac & Hanna Traynham

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The Handmade Music School presents Handing Down Banjo Traditions with Mac & Hanna Traynham on Saturday, May 23, 2020 at 3:00pm. The workshop will be presented via Crowdcast as part of our Handmade at Home online series. Cost is $1 to $100 (suggested donation of $15).

The goal of this online workshop will be focused on how old time tunes are handed down from generation to generation and how to learn banjo techniques that have stood the test of time. Mac and Hanna will demonstrate banjo playing styles, with a focus on right and left hand techniques, rhythm, and timing used to play typical mountain dance tunes. Mac and Hanna will use the banjo (and fiddle) to emphasize approaches to learning tunes based on the playing styles of Mac’s influences: the old masters from the Southwest Virginia area. This father-daughter presentation will highlight the importance of keeping this tradition alive and how this has shaped their relationship.

Mac Traynham is an accomplished banjo player and fiddler as well as a fine guitar player and singer. Influenced by well known and obscure musicians of the past, Mac has developed a hard-driving style of playing which keeps the rhythm going strongly and delights dancers! He teaches at numerous music camps and has won ribbons from many fiddlers’ conventions.

Hanna Traynham grew up listening to the sweet harmonies of her parents’ old time duet singing, she developed an affinity for the distinct rhythms and primitive quality of the music specific to the Southwestern Virginia region. Hanna has a distinct Appalachian clawhammer banjo style.

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